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a feature-length film project by Penelope Bortoluzzi 

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Mid-70s, Italy. A young woman falls in love with a married man. She runs away with him to Bakolori, Nigeria, where the largest dam in the world is being constructed. Her love story becomes entangled with that of a colossal endeavor.

Produced by:

                        Picofilms (FRANCE)

                        Alter Ego Production (FRANCE)

                        Videomante (ITALIE) 

Co-funded by

the European Union - Europe Creative MEDIA,

CNC (Centre National du Cinéma),

MiC (Ministero della Cultura), Ciclic - Centre Val de Loire

With the support of LaScam, Région Basse Normandie,

Procirep-Angoa. Eave Prod. Workshop 2019

"Bakolori” is inspired by the diaries and the letters that the director’s mother wrote in the 70s. The film recounts the intertwined stories of a woman struggling for independence and of a construction site in postcolonial Nigeria. The personal and the political narratives evoke an era that deeply resonates today.

© picofilms 2023

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